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Laurie Mallet House

New York City, New York, USA, 1986

The Laurie Mallet residence was designed for the president of a prominent fashion company and her family in the Greenwich Village section of New York City. This project called for the renovation and expansion of an 1820's, three-story, Greek revival house, protected by New York City landmarks preservation regulations. To increase the interior space, an area under the back yard was excavated and the garden and patio are elevated to form the roof of this addition. The interior is based on a layering of narrative ideas drawn from the history of the building, artifacts found inside during renovation, and the personal biography of the owner. In order to add a metaphysical dimension to the living spaces, a series of monochrome architectural fragments mantels, bookcases, doors, windows, and furniture - are partially buried in the walls. As these objects emerge from the vertical surfaces at various levels of exposure, they create the impression of ghosted memories that have been left behind by generations of inhabitants.